You Might Not Realize Just How Amazing Hummingbirds Are...Until You SeeThis

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Just when you thought watching the Discovery Channel every night made you an expert on wildlife, Mother Nature turns around and proves she has a few more surprises up her sleeves.

Case in point: male hummingbirds have been hiding something all their lives, and it's finally coming to light. Watch below to see just how the winged creature shares similarities with a color-changing chameleon. Seeing it in action will make you wonder how you went all this time without noticing this in the wild.

Source: Hummingbird's mesmerizing "color change" illusion by DesJardin on Rumble
Watching him shift colors like that was nothing short of breathtaking. That's why we're so thankful we don't know everything about nature yet. Otherwise, we'd never be this giddy again!