Top WooCommerce Hosting 2021

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Are you looking for the Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2021? If you want the best experience when you’re creating and running an online store, here is what you should absolutely make sure is included with your hosting plan. First, we’ll go over why you should choose WooCommerce for your online store and the most important WooCommerce hosting features you need. Then, I’ll give you my top choices for WooCommerce hosting plans.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

To start off with, the biggest advantage you get by choosing WooCommerce for your online store is that it’s built on WordPress. WordPress is by far the most popular website platform on the web, and one of the main reasons is the SEO optimization benefits you get. WordPress sites have traditionally done well in Google.

Also, like WordPress, WooCommerce is extremely flexible and allows you build your website just about any way you want.

And, most importantly for your business, WooCommerce doesn’t charge you fees on your profits—and you don’t have to pay for the software to get started with your online store!

WooCommerce Installation

Installing and setting up WooCommerce used to be the biggest hurdle in getting started. While WooCommerce wasn’t the hardest software to install, it wasn’t quite as easy as some of the other Ecommerce tools. However, things have now changed. The WooCommerce installation process is more streamlined now. And even better, you can now have WooCommerce pre-installed with some managed hosting plans.

WooCommerce Hosting Features

  • Speed
  • Reporting
  • Abandoned Carts

Although WooCommerce is one of the best options for Ecommerce websites, it isn’t perfect out of the box. Therefore, when you’re looking for WooCommerce hosting, be sure your host addresses these top 3 issues.

Speed is always a critical element for websites, but with Ecommerce, it’s way more important. Make sure your WooCommerce host addresses possible speed issues. Their platform should be optimized for WordPress/WooCommerce. And, you want to be sure you’re getting things like, optimized caching, custom or optimized tables for faster querying, and a content delivery network.

Reporting is also a key factor for running a successful online store. Here’s another area where native WooCommerce may not include what you need. So, make sure your WooCommerce hosting plan includes additional custom reporting tools.

Another extremely important area you need to address is the abandoned cart issue. You definitely want to be able to follow up and find out why potential customers are not completing their transactions. Always look for abandoned cart solutions in your WooCommerce hosting plan.

WooCommerce Website Speed and Performance

Like the WordPress platform that it’s built on, WooCommerce isn’t traditionally the fastest software application out of the box. But again, like WordPress, with the right hosting platform and WordPress theme, you can actually get WooCommerce to run lightning fast.

WooCommerce Customer Support

Finding great WooCommerce support can be callenging as the support team needs to be experts in both WooCommerce and WordPress. That’s where managed hosting can be the biggest benefit. With the right managed WooCommerce/WordPress hosting plan, you can get responsive answers and solutions to any issues you come across with your online store.

Top 7 WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Now that we’ve gone over what you need for an effective Ecommerce website, here are my top picks for WooCommerce hosting in 2021.


Nexcess is a partner company of Liquid Web. Why is that important? Because Liquid Web has been my top recommendation for Managed WooCommerce Hosting since they first started offering their service, and now they have transitioned their WordPress and WooCommerce hosting to Nexcess.

When I spoke with Liquid Web’s Vice President of Products, Chris Lema back in 2018 when Liquid Web first launched their Managed WooCommerce Hosting, he was very pleased with how they were able to boost the performance of WooCommerce. To speed things up, they optimized their platform and included a custom theme that is lightning fast. To greatly improve on the rather limited reporting capability using WooCommerce out-of-the-box, they included for customized reports. And, to address any abandoned cart issues you might encounter with your online store, they also included Jilt.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that all of the above features and more are available with Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Benefits:

  • StoreBuilder Intelligence Engine for Quick and Unique Store Homepage Creation
  • Astra Pro Theme
  • Content Delivery Network with Advanced Caching
  • 30 Day Automatic Backups
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • Image Compression and Lazy Loading
  • Email Account Hosting
  • Expert WooCommerce Support
  • *Custom Order Tables for Reduced Query Loads and Increased Capacity (Advanced Plans)
  • *Abandoned Cart by Jilt (Advanced Plans)
  • * Reporting (Advanced Plans)

Click Here for More Details on Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting

WP Engine

For many years now, WP Engine has been my number one recommendation for premium Managed WordPress Hosting. In fact, they host our website here. But the exciting news is that they are now offering Managed WooCommerce Hosting plans.

WP Engine WooCommerce Hosting Benefits:
With WP Engine’s Managed WooCommerce Hosting, you get all of the premium features that have been included with their Managed WordPress Hosting along with:

  • One-Click Store Creation
  • An Optimized Ecommerce Store Theme
  • WooCommerce Template

Also, with their Professional and higher hosting plans, you get Instant Store Search powered by Elasticsearch.

Other features you get with WP Engine include:

  • Expert Responsive Customer Support
  • High Speed Web Hosting
  • Automatic Data Backups
  • One-Click Website Staging
  • Free StudioPress Themes

Click Here for More Details on WP Engine Managed WooCommerce Hosting

InMotion Hosting

If you can’t afford one of the more expensive WooCommerce hosts such as Nexcess or WP Engine, there are still some excellent options for you. Because WooCommerce is built on the opensource platform of WordPress, you can get a quality cPanel hosting plan, create your WooCommerce website, and run your online store very effectively.

InMotion Hosting remains at the top of my web hosting recommendation list for many categories. I’ve been an InMotion customer for over 10 years and they continue to amaze me with their outstanding hosting services. While InMotion’s Managed WordPress Hosting is the best alternative to more expensive managed hosting plans in my opinion, they can also be used for equally effective WooCommerce websites.

InMotion WooCommerce Hosting Benefits:

  • Lower Cost Hosting Plans
  • Complete cPanel Hosting Features
  • Email Hosting
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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