This Couple Had The Best Compromise And Went With A ‘Two-Face’ WeddingCake

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When a comic book buff and his fiancée got married, they decided to treat their guests to a ‘Two-Face’ wedding cake that would satisfy both the superhero fan in him, as well as her wish for something traditional.

Decorated with confectionery roses and pearls, the couple’s wedding cake looks like a classic white tiered wedding cake at first glance. But a tasty ‘split’ at the back of it really reveals the groom’s love for DC Comics’ #!

According to Tier By Tier, the Milton Keynes-based company that made the cake for UK couple Billy Bunning and Kia Parsons, the superhero-rific double-identity twist was Bunning’s idea.

‘Two-Face’ may be Batman’s fictional nemesis, but it might well be the name of this yummy creation that does double duty as a wedding cake and a comic book fan’s superhero tribute. Life certainly imitates art!

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She prefers classics…


He’s a comic fan


So they reached the best compromise!


Image credits: J. Doran Photography