Kitchen tables

As we spoke in the previous point, you cannot forget that the kitchen is one more room in your home and, as such, its decoration should combine with the rest. Do you have a rustic house? Well don’t hesitate to install a rustic kitchen too, with wooden or white furniture and utensils, matching tiles and window curtains.

Why buy kitchen tables?

“To be or not to be, that is the question. What is more noble for the soul, to suffer the blows and arrows of unjust fortune or to take up arms against a sea of adversities and, opposing it, find the end? Die, sleep … nothing else. ”

I could not say who is crazier, if the unfortunate Hamlet for speaking to a bony skull or all those who turn their backs on the most uncomfortable questions in life. Installing one of our kitchen tables and chairs makes you for a few moments what we fear the most, and by mastering what we fear, we acquire the power to surpass it and peer into what is hidden behind. If tables have been the symbol of knowledge for so many centuries, it will be, right?

Dare to become what you are when you strip yourself of all that society judges when it looks you up and down; without expression, without anger, without fear, without pain. Perhaps that is why we are so scared of these whitish aprons, because we cannot read anything that is hidden inside them, and perhaps that is why they fascinate us so much, because they represent what many of us, deep inside, want to be. .

With these tables you will become the heir of all those who, from the most remote antiquity, realized the true meaning of the table and took it with the pride of not being one more, of knowing that there is always something beyond.