Kitchen Pallets

What are kitchen pallets for? This is a very good question that has many different answers. Every good cooker worth its salt must have a set of silicone or wooden kitchen pallets. These serve an infinity of preparations, from moving food in the pot to spreading pastry cream on a cake. We bring you a selection of kitchen palettes much more varied than in ikea … ah! and with more quality.

Why buy kitchen popsicles?

We cannot explain to 100×100 what the kitchen palette is for, since it has so many uses that we would need a lifetime to write it all down. What we can tell you is that a kitchen palette is the typical kitchen utensil that is basic, Every amateur or professional cook has several of these magnificent tools.

Here you can find kitchen palettes of various sizes, colors, shapes or materials. Each with a unique kitchen function. We have recycled wood, colored plastic and even metal pallets available for the most pro of the house.

Let yourself be carried away by your tastes, and get a kit of popsicles to prepare all kinds of recipes and desserts for all members of your house.