Kitchen Lights

The ideal lighting next to the curtains in a kitchen is the result of combining natural and artificial light. Therefore, if your kitchen has natural light take advantage of it, planning a distribution that does not hinder or cover its circulation.

Illuminate with led strips

In the kitchen, it is essential to have a uniform and constant light, which is why it is best to distribute recessed spotlights or downlights, better if they are led, throughout the kitchen. When choosing them, keep in mind that they have a large focal aperture, minimum of 60º, since they give a greater expansion of light. It is recommended to install one for each square meter. Here, the furniture is from Santos Estudio.

Extreme comfort with light

If you want your kitchen to be more comfortable, add some ambient light, such as recessed sconces or open-top wallwashers. They will help you, for example, to illuminate the passage areas or the office walls. Kitchen designed by Deulonder Arquitectura Domèstica and the construction company Sic Bosch.