Kitchen appliances

Years ago, the world of cooking was not as mechanized as it is today. Cooking was an effort for many housewives, chained for hours to manual food grinders, pestles to make mayonnaise or to pots and a bain-marie to reheat leftovers, now with kitchen appliances, everything is easier and faster.

Home appliances that have marked a milestone in our way of transforming food.

Now, multiple and ingenious electrical appliances accompany us every day to make life easier and faster. As early as the 11th century B.C., an ice store existed in China that could probably have resulted in the usual home refrigerator. The clear thing is that the German inventor Frederick Alber Winson in 1802 prepared the first meal on a gas stove. From this date, more than 200 years ago, kitchen utensils began to proliferate, today seen as something so common.

One of the prominent inventors of these devices was the polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Their creations range from ovens with wood conveyor belts, to meat mincers or bread slicers. Something unusual in those times.