International Car Insurance

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With more than 70 years of service, Clements Worldwide offers comprehensive international car insurance to our valued expats in most countries around the globe. As a Clements customer, you can drive at home or abroad with confidence knowing you and your car are protected. Our hassle-free global car insurance policies automatically adjust to meet the local insurance requirements in whichever country you are driving and can include both Physical Damage coverage and Excess Liability coverage.

What is International Auto Insurance?

International auto insurance is a type of car insurance that protects cars you own when you’re abroad. If you’re an expat or work abroad and are planning to use your vehicle in another country, often your domestic car insurance policy won’t cover this due to territory restrictions. International car insurance keeps you covered when driving abroad, in case of physical damage, collision, theft, or excess liability which supplements the local compulsory liability coverage you are required to carry in each county you are traveling in.

This means, in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is damaged or stolen in another country, if you get into an accident, or if your local compulsory third party liability coverage is not enough to cover third party bodily injury or property damage, you can file a claim on your international auto insurance for physical damages and excess liability.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me in Another Country?

Most domestic insurance policies do not cover you when traveling abroad due to territory restrictions, meaning you will have to take out an additional insurance policy. However, at Clements, we offer flexible international auto insurance policies that cover you abroad and also domestic car insurance policies to cover you in the USA. If you travel to another country for work, your international car insurance policy is fully portable and will follow you wherever you decide to go. So, no matter what happens, you can drive abroad with total financial security.

What Coverage Do I Need?

If your personal car insurance policy doesn’t cover you abroad, you need to make sure you have an international auto insurance policy in place before you drive in another country. At Clements, our international auto insurance policies work around you, so you can select the exact coverage you need. You can choose overall auto insurance worldwide for borderless, global insurance protection or, if you are relocating to a specific country, simply browse the options above that provide physical damage and third party liability coverage, to travel without a worry.