How To Seduce A Woman With 3 Effortless Techniques

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In this video, you're going to learn my 3 best tips for seducing a woman and making her melt:

1. Sensual Touch: Be gentle, touch her softly, touch her in the right places [0:52]

2. Intent: Women want to know your intention, how you feel about them [1:27]

3. Eye contact: Make deep and powerful eye contact, this creates a bubble around you two [2:12]

WARNING: Don't try these until you know she's completely comfortable with you! [3:00]

When you know how to seduce a woman, you'll always know how to move things to the next level. She'll feel confident and comfortable that you know what you're doing, and that's when she'll let you.

Girls want guys to know what they're doing with them. If you don't, then she'll find someone who does.

To your success,