He Took A Piece Of Plywood And A Plastic Bottle...And Shot PropaneThrough Them!

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Have you ever wanted to shoot propane through a plastic bottle?

Yeah, me neither. But that's probably just because I never knew it was possible...until now!

The Backyard Scientist prides himself on trying out crazy, weird, and sometimes dangerous science and tech guessed it, in his backyard. For this one, he took a propane torch, some simple tubing, and a plastic bottle to create an awesome, futuristic rifle. You won't believe how cool this is until you check out his bizarre build below!

(source TheBackyardScientist)

When he drilled the holes in the bottle, the colors that it made blew me away! I have to try this...but maybe I'll head out into the country so my neighbors don't call the cops on me (and I don't accidentally set something on fire).