21 Squad Goals From The '90s That We're Still Trying To Achieve

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'Squad Goals' is a recent development in our world of Taylor Swift and her publicity team ruining fun phrases.

But long before their goals existed, in the '90s renaissance of boy bands and ~GuRl PoWeR~, there were several squads that we all wanted to be a part of. Here are a few.

The Ultimate Girl Gang

The Young Squad

The Sync'ed Up Squad

The Fresh Prince(s)

And the Fresh Princesses

The Most Powerful Rangers

The Scary Storytelling Squad

The B*witch-in Squad

The Mystery Squad

Doug Funny & Company

The 'You Can't Sit With Us' Squad

The Zany To The Max Squad

The Squad From The Block

The Surf And Skate Squad

Arthur's Squad

The Squads Of The Hidden Temple

The Geek Squad

Feeny's Squad

The Squad That Absolutely Does Not Chase Waterfalls

The Recess Squad

And, of course, the Six Best Friends That Anyone Could Have